Extreme weather website

hi folk’s-cool forum by the way :smiley:

just to tell you about my site which is an extreme-weather website,just new so a lot to add to it :wink: , sorry about the long url but i will be upgrading it soon hopefuly :smiley: Yahoo on osa Yahoon tuotemerkkejä.
and a website i found= www.net-weather.co.uk

Thanks, hope to keep posting :smiley:

Is it your site that sent me the cute pseudo “command prompt” pop-under and a cookie? Is that just a generic geocities thing?

well my site dosn’t send anybody anything :? -it must be a geocities thing 8O

Ah, I guess that’s the price of “free” hosting. If you look at the source of your site as served by geocities you can see a line added at the beginning referring to some javascript.

yeah, i’ll be upgrading my site to a .com soon :smiley:

updating site soon so keep checking back :smiley:

Now updated :smiley: - should be able to update every few days now