Extreme Conditions Problem

I have a problem with the daily Extreme Conditions. I had to restart my computer and problem developed when WD was restarted, note I have Pad data ticked also.

Extreme conditions has the right high and low for temp. However, the time is severally messed up. It has both a high of 94.1F and low of 70.5F occurring at 6:15 pm. Pretty cool temp change of 24 degrees all within the same min. :smiley:

Also when you click on it and bring up the Extra Daily High/Low tab it list data for yesterday at one min less than today’s start time of 6:14pm for high and low.

Very Interesting in deed.

WD 9.84e, WMR-968, WinXP, 2.4 GHZ, 512 Ram

Same problem again. I had PAD checked again. I have unchecked. As you can see from the graph below, at 3:00 pm weather Display was restarted after power failure and rain data was reset again:

Further more the daily numbers were reset with everything for today starting at 3:17 time of restart and yesterday numbers all listed as 3:17. This is get old now :frowning:

** NOTE this same problem does happen if just exit Weather Display and then restart. Only if WD was not shutdown but was restarted after a crash or in this example a power failure. Any suggestions?

A UPS to shut it down politely in the power failure case?

Thanks for the suggestion. I already have a UPS. Still does not solve the problem of loosing data from an unexpected shutdown.

Sorry, I misunderstood what you wrote as meaning that a power failure didn’t result in a normal shut down of WD.

Sorry but this is extremely frustrating as now all of my July data is gone :cry:
Check it out. It lists the individual days. However, when you get to the summary at the bottom it only looks like is used July 23 to calculate montly averages,etc. I would really really like some help to correct this issue!!!

zip and email me the file
and I will look into/fix the log file for you and the graphs etc
it will be that the midnight time change/roll over minute stamps have not been recorded.

as for the pad option:
i will see if i get some time to test that

Will do and thanks for the help Windy!! :smiley: :smiley:

oh, its not good.
somehow you have lost data up to the 21st of this month
i aplogise for the program doing that!
i will be able to 75% of it back from the week2.inf file (every 30 minutes logging)
email me that file

I wanted to thank Windy for helping out with this problem. I ended up loosing 10 days worth of data. :slight_smile: