Extrem conditions are still not on time

During the night my pc stoped again… (why… I’m still not sure)

But When I reboot it this morning WD downloaded the datas from my WS 2200.

But the time in extrem condition are tataly wrong… It gives me the minimum T


Has someone the same probleme??

Thanks for your answer

mine are quite a bit off from the console max and min times too by many minutes and hours. Also my noaa, daily report and weekly report generate but don’t upload ( I’ve been doing a manual send) .

About 9:30 to 10:20 pm the program stops uploading to the internet but still sends the aprs, ham and underground data. Tonight I am going tosit and stare at the screen and capture the logs , send them to Brian who will figure this out, because he is a nice guy.

I wonder how he keeps from throwing up his arms in the air and screaming at times. Must be the country and the cows. :lol: