Extracting data file information

Is it possible to extract the data file data and load it into a file that can be graphed using one of the several external graphing options that are available such as “OFC, sparkline or JPgraph”

The reason I am asking is I would like to graph the voltage from my one wire solar sensor and place it on my graphs page. I know that the data is in the data file because you can graph it on the WD extra sensor graphs.

or use the ability to create a custsom logfile, with that sensor data
or use the extra sensor or 1 wire logfile as a data source


Is there some place that gives instructions on setting this up

or use the ability to create a custsom logfile, with that sensor data

Is this the same as the custom tagfile set up???


  1. Create a customtext.txt file in the webfiles directory (See below)
  2. Open Setup->Log Files. Set the following options

Main log setting - On (should be on anyway for normal log files)
Tick Produce a custom log file
Tick Frequency required eg. every minute

customtext.txt contains a list of custom tags separated by commas, spaces or whatever you want (dont use a % as separator)

WD will output a file called customtextout.txt


I have followed your directions (I think) and am not having any success. The customtextout.txt is blank

I have attached the customtext.txt file and a screen shot of the Log Files set up tab

Any help in tell me what I have not done correctly would be appreciated

screen shot.pdf (99.8 KB)

customtext.txt (223 Bytes)

Try making the customtext.txt file a single line with everything on one line, also make sure you dont have it called customtext.txt.txt which is a favourite error when using notepad and having file extensions hidden. Also ensure it is in your correct webfiles folder where all your web pages etc are created.


Well I changed the file so that is is all on one line and verified that I had not .txt.txt the files and they were not. Still no output to the customtextout.txt

Any ideas

Disregard I did some messing and it is know logging

I changed the file name of customtextout.txt to custom textout.txt and it started logging and changed the file name back to customtextout.txt In the web files folder