Extra Sensors Page - Graph #4 - not updating with indoor temp/hum


Graph #4 (Bottom right) of the “Extra Sensors Page” is not displaying the indoor temp/hum graph lines (blank Graph). The data box does have the correct humidity reading but the temperature box reading is also blank.

I checked the extralog csv file (102008extralog.csv) and the values are being updated correctly in the file. I also checked that the “plot indoor temp/hum on extra sensor #4 graph” is ticked in the Auto Scale Graphs Screen.

Any ideas? Thanks

Setup details:

Windows XP SP3, WD 10.37M Build 2, WMR928NX with 3 extra temp/hum sensors

Apols… I have this in WD questions as not sure if its a bug or a question!


Anybody else with a similar setup? (WMR928NX with 3 extra Temp/Hum sensors - using the extra sensor page graph 4 for indoor/baro temperature display)



“Its dark in here”… [-o< !!!

Is there anyone that can advise?



Any chance of advice on this issue?


Just past the first anniversary on this one? Can anyone assist?


Hi… Logged this 3 years ago… no response… any help please?


I rarely use those extra sensor pages as they don’t often have the right sensors where i would expect them to be.

I started to use the advanced graphs functionailty within WD (Came out within the past year) - you can select what to plot on a graph there,very nice feature.

However, things rarely seem to plot for me these days too, so i have gone back to Weatherlink for custom plotting for now.

The advanced graphs may well work for you fine though, give it a try - sorry i cant help on extra sensors screen though.

Westisbest ,the graph #4 plots the extra temp 4/ extra hum 4, under view, extra sensors page
which your station does not have
not indoor temp/hum


However, things rarely seem to plot for me these days too

could you provide more information on that?

I hate to hijack a thread, if you wish, i will create a new thread (if you think its worthwhile).
But basically, i want to plot my temperature/humidity station, unsure what extra temp sensors WD see them as so i click all extra temp’s/humids (except extra 2 - as this is a temp station).
Nothing is plotted - this is on the weather data screen.

With the extra Sensor/Custom data screen of the advanced graphs, i cant seem to get any variables plotted, except i have noticed that when i select a few things from the drop down boxes, then press PLOT, i get a line and what is plotted is extra temp 1 and only extra temp 1, even though this had not been selected, very strange.
1 thing i must confess now, after looking at the extra sensors screen, all seems well on that screen, which is nice, i apologise for this.
Sorry :violent1:

best to start another thread
and post screen shots etc


In earlier versions of WD there was an option to use graph 4 to plot the indoor temp/hum sensor from the WMR968 station… but then it stopped working. Now this was a few years ago, but if its not meant to have that option any more, thats fine…


not that I know of
there is no where in the code to allow that
but its possible I could add that option

you can though plot indoor temp any way , eg with the advanced graphs, for the whole month etc

Thanks yeah… as said it was an old error from many moons ago… so no problem