Extra Sensor real time graph problems

Even though the yellow fill is showing 100% on the extra sensor real time graph, the solar sensor reading ( on the bottom right of the form) always shows something like 5.9973738499477% instead of 100%. In addition none of the other sensors are graphing any more on WD ver 9.44A.

Version 9.43C extra sensor real time graph works correctly so there is definately something wrong with Version 9.44A. Anyone else seeing this?

Yes I have selcted clear records several times to no avail. Rolling back a version to check it out.

See my site for a visual on this graph.

Hi Greg ,
Yep, I’m having the same problem ( rang Brian to report this yesterday )
I’m running V9.43C as well ( latest version that will work properly)
I think he tried to fix in the latest version 9.44d ( but , I’m still having problems ) :cry:
I’ll give him another ring this morning .

good old vinay
not only did he beat me on the XBOX racing car game, he rings me up to report bugs in WD all the time!
(just stirring vinay)

this has all come about from me setting a low tem threshold separate from the real time graph, and putting in checks to not go over 40oc (but now added to not do that for a solar sensor)
should be ok in a new vers uploading now…but i will wait for the phone call!

please try a new download now and let me know

i have it
i am going down the wrong road
gone back to a back up, for the way it was
uploading a new vers now

9.45a should be good as gold, eady now

Hi Brian ,
Everything back to normal now Brian except for the Humidity temperature sensor . ( trending’s working fine ) , but when I use the scroll along to see the values ( no value is displayed - just stays at 0 degrees for all times ) .


i can fix the other issue

i am hoping the stuff up i caused here was also causing the random crash some people reporting

… the solar percentage is still being reported incorrectly on the extra sensor graph: see attached

Maybe this is the reading where the cursor is located by default?

is the latest vers OK (i think i fixed it)

Brain I’m running 9.45b.

9.45c is the latest, soon 9.45d
try the latest

Will Do.

do you like the fill in greg?
i have taken it out, as it makes it hard to see the other lines…

oh, do you sometimes test out VWS?

and, is WD stable for you at the moment…there seems to be a few people experiecning problems with stability…

No No please don’t take out the fill please. I love the quick view the fill gives me. At least make it an option.

No I don’t use VWS at all. Once in a blue moon I drop over to do my part in a slight slam of the product. Its a fun thing I guess. I tried that software a long time ago and it was so cpu intinsive that I gave up on it. In addition it is wayyy to expensive for a 1-wire user to even think about using it.

As far as stability goes. Knock on wood. I have absolutly no problems what so ever. Stable as can be and if I didn;t upgrade so dang much I’ll bet I could get to a million samples easy.

It still simply amazes me that I can set here in Huntsville,Alabama and talk nearly instantaneously to some one on the other side of the world. Thats Cool. It doesn’t take much to amaze me huh?

and its a beutiful sunny summers day here

i will add as an option for the solar reading (dont use 9.45d then gregg)

i have added that option now to the solar setup greg in the latest vers