Extra / new language files.

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This topic can be used to post your own / improved version of the language files.

Reset the the release number in the first line to 09 and add somewhere your forum name so that questions arrive at the correct person.
Example: In the standard nl-language file the first line reads now

# $scrpt_vrsn_dt = 'lang_nl.txt|01|2020-12-15|';  # release 2012_lts

If you adapt that file and post it here on the forum, change that to

# $scrpt_vrsn_dt = 'lang_nl.txt|09|2020-12-19|';  # updated by xxxxxx    release 2012_lts


I tested the tools to update all prior distributed language files
and all of the files posted here ==> Add New or improved language files here, thank you

If you are using the 2012-lts release there are 16 complete language-files and a small one to remove typing errors for “en”
The “private” language files which were not in the standard downloads are now included also.
Use the standard update procedure to download those files.

If you are not using the 2012-lts version, I attach a zip with those files and also the text-file for the language selection.


languages.zip (166 KB)

languages.txt (2.55 KB)

If it’s ok for you, I will adopt the Italian language. I had already published the updated language in the thread.

So in order to access the translation tool, I simply need to do an update, correct?


I just updated to 15-12 release.

For the extra sensors, in the language file, I found the extra_tmp sensors section so I can rename them and also the title of that block. Everything ok.

For the soil sensors, I noticed that in the languages files there was no section specific to rename the sensors. I included in the language file the name of the sensors, and it worked, but I could not change the Soil Block title, so I looked at the code of PWS_blocks.php:

$blck_ttls[$script]     = 'Soil block';     // add to translation files

Is there some variable missing? Should it be changed to this?

$blck_ttls[$script]     = $head_temp_soil;     // add to translation files

Thanks a lot,


Thanks for the offer, but due to some discussions / mails I got about this, I have to postpone the whole idea of a “centralized” tool.

Better to stay as it was done in the past: I will post all languages files only once in the release.

Everyone can post their improved versions here or in any other topic.
Then all dashboard users can use any if tha available improved version and / or make their own changes.
I will not include the posted files in the downloads, nor comment on the uploaded translations.

Correct, your code is correct, an omission on my side. :oops:
I will update that with the next update


Thanks for the answer Wim.

It’s a pity, I thought the idea of a translation tool was great.

Here is a new Greek translation file. Done by a native Greek weather enthusiast, who has already translated Saratoga template and other software!

I’ll adopt the Greek translation and update it as long as new words appear and any corrections needed to fix any meaningless expressions created by bad word translations!

You can check the Greek translation here:


The zip file attached, includes the languages.txt file as well.

Best wishes for the New Year!!!



lang_gr.zip (13 KB)


Here is an update to lang_pt.txt with these changes:

  • Reduce size of some translations to fit inside available space.
  • Improvement in Air Quality tile translations.
  • Correction of some non-sense previous translations.

This tranlation can be checked here

lang_pt.txt (24.7 KB)

proposed update to the German translation language file

corrected some typos (spelling errors) and endings which otherwise result in grammatically strange or wrong formulations.
Also adjusted some units to the common use in the D-A-CH countries.

anyone feel free to replace their …/pwsWD/languages/lang_de.txt file temporarily (for test) or permanently with the attached file.

You can also test it for the available tiles on the pwsWD link in my signature

lang_de.txt (25.8 KB)


Attached is the language file to translate frost days into French in wureports
(Attached photo)

Best regards

wulanguage-fr.txt (4.44 KB)


Update of the French language file



lang_fr.txt (24.3 KB)


Here is an update to lang_gr.txt 2021/08/07.
The zip file attached, includes the lang_gr.txt end the languages.txt

Greek language Update 20210807.zip (12.7 KB)

Bump 2022-03-30

If you have improved a language file or wrote a new one, please post those here to help others.


here’s an updated lang_no.txt

lang_no.txt (25.6 KB)


Native speakers should support their own language therefor:
= = => Do not sent a PM or mails with changes, I simply have no time nor the knowledge to support other languages.

Please post your updated language files or remarks in this topic.