evapotranspiration added

i now have WD calculating the ET using the kimberly-penman equations
(very long winded, took me all blimin day), which was a feature WV32 had.

for stations with solar readings (vp , which calculates it anyway), texas instruments, heathkit (with a add on), capricorn 2000, and if you have temperature type solar sensor (i.e WS20000 or dallas 1 wire)
with the later, i have taken an approx of the current solar reading (wm/2) from the solar % reading, and used, for now, 500 as bright sunshine

you davis VP guys, what solar readings do you get in bright sunshine?

to see the ET value, go to view, sunshine hours…( thats if i is enabled)

Hi Brian,

By ET, you mean Evapo Transpiration and not the little green man in the movie, Davis’s GroWeather station also has this readout on it’s display.

Andy Foppe

thats what the subject says on this post…
what solar levels do you get to during the day with your grow station?

andy, i did realise you were adding some humour
i do have a sense of humour!
i now have added yesterdays final reading(i.e at midnight, for the preceding 24 hour period)