Evaluating wd - no data displays, data indicator flashes green

I just installed WD 10.21a and attempting to get it to communicate with a davis wmii.

check you have the baud rate set the same as what the data logger baud rate is set to, in the weather station type setup :wink:


Forget to mention the baud rate. I tried both 2400 and 1200 baud. I also tried a null modem and a straight. Sort of curious that the data indicator flashes green with both the null modem and the straight.

is this on a PC or a mac with windows emulation or…?

also, if you have live at altitude, you will need to set a barometer offset in WD…

It is a 150MHz PC running windows 98. This PC is dedicated to run only WD and hopefully WDL. The WD green data light that flashes responds to the selection of serial ports. For example, the cable is connected to the PC’s serial port 1, and within WD COM port 1 is selected. Result, the green data light flashes. Switch the WD COM port setting to COM for 2 with the cable still connected to COM port 1, and the WD green light stops flashing. This same serial cable and wmii data logger setup works with a Mac with the addition of the DIN-8 adapter. Removing the DIN-8 adapter, and after checking the RX, TX, and GND pinouts on the DB-9 connector that goes to the stand-alone PC, allows only the WD green data light to flash without a data valid going green or any numerics displaying for the weather indicators.

try a straight through serial cable, i.e like a mouse extension cable
but , also, try another weather station software, to test, as well maybe

Thanks Brian. Once the cabling was setup correctly, and powered down the weather monitor ii to reset the data logger, the serial communication came back to life. WD is now working! Now onto WDL!

thats good
I know others have had to do a similar power down to reset the data logger :slight_smile: