ET rate on extra sensor graph

Running 9.72c

If I turn on ‘Plot evapotranspiration rate on the extra sensor graph’ it displays the reading on channel 5, so the sensor 2 humidity reading isn’t plotted.

Also…if I turn off the option to plot the ET rate, the humidity value on channel 5 is multiplied by 10. It’s currently showing 710% (real value 71%) and not surprisingly it’s way off the top of the graph!

Another update…when the humidty value changes, it corrects itself by removing the multiplier and the graph line returns to it’s correct position.

you will now find ET under view, solar graph, for the wmr968 with solar setup


Vers 9.72 15th April:Temperature sensor as solar sensor now OK for WMR918/68 and WS2000 type stations.

running this version all my sensors have an error or doesn’t excist ?


well I wait for a day, see what’s happening
autumn there ?

i am hoping that is unrelated Ed,as I didnt change anything to do with the beasts data gathering routine ( i hope)

ha Brian !

I thought you did an update for Temperature sensor / solar sensor routine
Have to start several times WD to get sensors back
after a while loosing it again…

Maybe have to check batteries but did that a month ago
or it must be a critical tension blowout of 0,5V that

I keep an eye on it, don’t worry solutions allways comes at time !
How’s the kids/farm there ?

the best thing with the ws2010 logger is to let it sit for 15 minutes with no software accesing it :slight_smile:

allister is real neat…
he;s nearly 1 year old, and he’s already throwing his weight around, LOL
he opens and closes doors, and stands there yelling and wont let you past!

thanks for asking :slight_smile:

the cows are doing record production for this late part of the season (its autumn here downunder)…normaly I am starting to dry them off now and stop milking for the first 2 winter months (when the grass does not grow so much)…
but milk prices are down 30% on last year :frowning: