Error Reading A/D result

I am periodically getting an error with my 1-wire results. The error causes my temps to flatline. The error reads “Error Reading A/D Result (-12)!”. I assume that the A/D refers to the analog/digital conversion being done by the DS9097 unit. A restart of WD seems to cure.

Any clue what is happening?

the A/d is also used for wind direction and humidity as well
it should recover , but is it not?
sounds like yoru 1 wire setup need improving if you are getting these errors (check connections, use CAT 5 cable as much as possible, etc)

Windy, my wind and direction were fine. I received the error message twice (viewing in the 1-W setup). They didn’t seem to recover but a restart of the program found them fine. Why would it be ok for wind and direction and not for temp?

do you have any humidity sensors, barometer sensors, solar sensors?
they are all the A/D type of sensor…]
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I don’t have humidity or barometric as yet…only an AAG station and a number of temp sensors.

a vers 3 aag station uses a a/d converter for wind direction…

and not others?

no, the vers 1 does not…
so its the wind direction a/d converter that will be throwing up the error…which might be due to low voltage on the 1 wire network

I get a similar error if I have more than 3 temp sensors,solar,lightning
on the same port adapter.
Also happens if I have a long run using ordinary telephone cable instead of using cat 5 cable.
Never able to pinpoint the reason but I suspect that voltage drop was the cause.
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the solar sensor is a 1 wire A/D :slight_smile:
the A/D is most sensitive to not enough voltage on the 1 wire network