Error on reboot

I was running 9.52 for about 8hrs without problems then when my PC rebooted at 18:00 my program came up with an error…Error: List index out of bounds(0) at time… I went back to 9.51…still same error and when I reboot I have to reload the station type and restart if I shut the program down I have to reload and restart…I just downloaded 9.52d same story. I have loaded the 6.42ftp for me it just works.
Help Brian

initially was like the first time.

I rebooted the computer and restarted the program here I am.

It did take several restarts for it to “take” to download the datalogger on the Davis VP, but that could be my machine.

someone else had that list index error in the orogram error log at start up
it might be a file missing or similar
its a bit tricky to pin point
but email me your wdisplay.ini file
and export the wdisplayftp.ini file from the registry