Error on exit seems to be fixed

I think the bug is fixed. Yesterday, I decided( ignoring that gut feeling I get when I know I am going to get into real trouble, but what the heck) I loaded Roxio’s Goback3 which claimed it would work with XP’s system restore on board. Well , to make it short. I forgot the Goback was on board and tried a system restore. The whole system refused to backup, restore, restart. Panic set in I remembered that if I hit the space bar while the Goback was trying to boot,it would disable it and uninstall. Did so and as part of the fix windows repaired buckets of files that had gone wrong. Finally, when Windows booted, and I restarted Weather Display, all was foregiven, the bad program gone and the Weather Display no longer gives me the error messages that it was.

I gotta follow that gut feeling when it comes home to roost.