Error messsage

I am running WD v10.23j. the weather station is a Davis VP2, the datalogger accessing the PC via the serial port. The pc is always on and WD uploads to a website every 3 hrs. This morning the PC appeared to have frozen and the screen was blank although the pc was on. I had to press reset to start. Once started I then attempted to start WD… it opend up and started downloading from the datalogger as it is setup to do after closedown. Ther was an immediate error message over the graph section of the display " ERROR. Read beyond end of file at time/date 08.35 27/05/05". I restarted WD and the program reopened but there was no data in the graph section upto the time I restarted the program incl no times etc. the only data which appeared was the wind direction data for the whole of that period.
I have not had this error message before. Can anyone tell me if this is a datlogger problem or a WD problem?
I checked the program error log but the only info there was the error message as above.
Apart from this the program appears to be working well all day.

I know that some work has been done over time for the Davis Datalogger and that newer versions than what you are running have those fixes in them.

I’ve not seen the type of error you are seeing though I seem to recall someone else had that way back.

You might try one of the newer versions??

Try this

One thing about the programerrorlog, if you view it from WD after re-starting WD it will only contain the errors since you re-started. But you can view the entire file with a text viewer, in your WD folder called programerrorlog.txt. Didn’t know if you tried it or not so just wanted to mention it.

Have just checked programerrorlog.txt. There seems to be a repeating error in there…“Error I/O error103 at time date…” Am I right in assuming this is a datalogger connection?

I do not know what the error codes mean, might have to wait for Brian. Maybe try installing the debug version and see if it generates anything. Nice thing about the new debug versions, it emails Brian the errors, (but they show up using your computers name/ID so he doesn’t always know who sent the error to him). I think you can see the error report as well, and it might give you some useful information for troubleshooting while waiting for Brian to return…

that is a file error
i,.e some files might be locked/ read only, etc…for some reason

but try:
delete the datafiles
latest.inf, latestindoor.inf, latesttime.inf, graphdata.inf, graphdata2.inf, graphdata3.inf
i.e all the files that are not datestamped basicly
and then restart wd