Error Log - Error Number question

I have an error showing up in the log that reads “ERROR: I/O error 32 at time/date 1:06:00PM 9/6/2003” It has times of 10:01:00AM, 12:01:00PM, 12:31:00PM, 1:01:00PM to 1:06:00PM. WHen these errors show up, WD does not upload the web page. Can you tell me what this error number is and what might cause it?

I have:
WD 9.90e
LaCrosse WS2010
Win2000 SP4
Intel PIII
Dedicated machine…


it is a file error…
its a bit hard to know which file…
it can happen when WD tries to read or save to a a file that is already in use or is marked read only (can happen if copied from a CD)
or the FTP program is already using that file
or similar…
i wonder which file…
try, as a test, backing up then deletign all the file in the web files folder
(when wd is not running)
and then restart wd