Error Loading Configuration (On one machine)


I’m having a problem getting Weather Display Live to work on one of my machine running XP pro and IE6. It works fine on all the other machines i’ve tried it on. Any suggestions on what to try?

Terry Hickman
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its working on here, as far as I can tell, using firefox browser

Have you tried rebooting the PC that has a problem. Sometimes routing problems on a specific can stop things working. If that doesn’t work, it might be a firewall issue on that machine. Perhaps the firewall is stopping communication to/from your server for some reason?

Is Flash installed on that PC? What specifically is the error?


Administrator - Rebooted yes. I turned off the MS firewall and still no luck.

Softvark - Yes flash is installed. Even went to Macromedia Flash site to make sure it was working.

This is the strangest thing I’ve seen. It works on all the other machines that I’ve tried it on. Any other suggestions?

Terry Hickman

When you say you have a problem what exactly happens - or doesn’t happen?


Softvark - It goes thru the “Loading” then the “Configuring” for a long time, then it gets the “Error Loading Configuration” message.


WDL is URL sensitive, are you using the exact same complete url including “www” on that machine?

When you get the Error loading configuration message it means one of 2 things - either WDL can’t find the wdlconfig.xml config file (so check the location in the html page) or you are trying to load it across domains - so perhaps you are attempting to view WDL with a different URL compared to the other PCs?


Big thanks Guys… FIXED…

It was the difference between and As you can tell I’m evaluating the different software, I’ve tried the other on the market and this was the last one before making a choice on which one to purchase. With the great help I’ve received on this problem (which i fell pretty dumb about) I believe I’ve made up my mind.
This software looks like it has the best users of all the others I’ve looked at. I hope to become a active member of this group!

Thanks again for the help

Terry Hickman

I can’t comment on the users for other weather programs, but I know the users here are amazingly helpful and friendly. We’re always happy to see another person joining in with the discussion, and hopefully in time answering a few questions for others too.

as long as you can put up with me tweaking things all the time in the program (it generaly for the better (the program is getting slowly better)), and then sometimes breaking something and causing a problem (like version 10.34)…some people can handle that and move on… :wink:

I had the same problem with ie 7.0 beta working on one machine, but not another.
Clearing the temp files, cookies, etc. from the tools, options menu in explorer did the trick.