Error Loading config

when i bring up on IE there is no problem. On firefox I get an error loading configuation message?

The only thing I note is in your embed tags you use “www” once and then w/o ‘www’ the second time and I have no clue if that would break it or if it is in your config file which I am not the most knowledgeable about…

<PARAM NAME=movie VALUE="wdlv3_11.swf?" <EMBED src="wdlv3_11.swf?"


FF does use the embed statement, so that is most likely where the problem is…btw, just duped it here with FF as I get the config error also…

you have www missing where i have put the word missing in red, by the looks me thinks

I agree as well :slight_smile:


of course you are all correct. They say that when you get old the second thing that goes is your eyesite. :lol:

I wish I could remember what the first this is that goes :oops:

recognizing that you have lost some previous ability.

I wish I could remember what the first [b]thing[/b] is that goes :oops:

I’ve remembered…it’s spelling :oops: :oops:

i suffur frm that al teh tim