Error: List index out of bounds (0) at time/date .

I’m suddenly getting the above error message and WD is not connecting with my weather station. Using 9.79 (first started on 9.78d and I upgraded, but problem did not go away). Suggestions welcome.

Well, it just came back up and I am clueless as to why. Any guidance appreciated

Is is possible you have on your system any PDA or the like Sync programs? These programs will capture the com port even if they are not synchronizing with the external device. These have to be disabled.

I’ve had in the past upon rebooting the system that WD didn’t talk through my com and then rebooted again and it started talking to my station. One of those BGates weirdo’s… :wink:

PS: Can you update your forum signature profile indicating your system particulars as that helps others knowing the system/weather station you’re using?

No, a friend pointed me in what’s likely the right direction. I’m running two USB cameras under ConquerCam and they are at times difficult to get up and running simultaneously. A while back, I had tinkered with using WD’s camera function, then went back to ConquerCam. WD was apparently looking for one of the cameras yesterday on launch, which I had disconnected temporarily to resolve the conflict issue.