Error in Detailed Rain Chart

This morning I noticed an error in the Detailed Rain Chart. The September total has been reproduced in October and this then leads to the yearly total being wrong.
I have a feeling I have seen this before and that later it fixed itself so maybe it is a 1st of the month problem but I am not sure.
See attached screen grabs. rain 1 and rain2 show correct values while rain 3 shows the error in the detailed chart.
Using Australian reset times.

Well it is still there on the evening of the 2nd so it is not just a first day of the month problem.

It is now the 4/10 so I guess the error is not going away.
October is still showing Septembers rain total of 19.1mm whereas there has only been 3.8mm so far in October. Every where else I can see shows the correct figure.

Try Action / Convert log files… / Update Av (at foot of page). This can often fix start of month issues.

I am seeing the same thing as your rain3 image in my case October value is 77.2 same as September which was actually 77.2, October currently should be 41.4

Thank you for confirming my issue hcorrin. I am surprised as I thought it was an Australian reset problem but you are not in Australia.
Surely this means many of us should be seeing this.

You are not alone. . .

I have also posted elsewhere about “Rain to date this time last year”: now actually 632.6 mm, not 753.5 mm.

But I keep my own spreadsheets of detailed rain and never rely on WD.

Thanks bitsostring.
If I add up the months and include the correct figure for October I get the correct annual figure with my records.
If I do the same with yours it does not work out.
All three of us have the September rainfall figure repeated in October issue.

I think it does? But there are always a few small rounding errors. . .

My apologies. You are correct. My mistake.

Wombat / Bitsostring

This problem is also occurring during the month…
attached is my detailed rain chart and daily rain chart . The month of Oct in detailed rain chart has gone blank for first 8 days [ same as June ??]
When I looked at this at last rainfall date recorded it showed the 7.4 mm on the 8th along with the previous data for total of 13 mm as on detailed chart. What happend in April … I assume same problem
I too keep a separate spreadsheet for rainfall

If I remember correctly I think I have raised this problem in another area before as missing data …

Check the log file for problems (WD Log Checker)

I to are having similar issues with rainfall in Detailed Rain Chart. This was raised on 6 April 2020 in the post headed Rainfall Anomally.

Thanks for adding to the confirmations bluewater.
For me the current month rain total has shown last months final total since the beginning of the month. I assume this happens every month.
This means the yearly total is permanently wrong in the detailed chart as well.
The actual total for October is 53.1


I have tried to carefully observe and document what happens at the change of month and the next day to try and pin this down.
The error occurs when rain that occurs on the first day of the month is written to the Detailed Rain Chart at 9AM on the second day (I know it is confusing but in Australia that is the 1st of the month by date)
The new month remains blank until the end of the first day when the total for last month is put as the rain for the first day and added to the annual total making that wrong as well.
This situation then continues for the rest of the month meaning the current month and annual total in Rain Totals By Month/Year are wrong for whole month and are not updated with any new rain.
I will post six images. The 5th and 6th images will be in the next post.
They are:-

  1. Main screen and Rain Total by Month/Year before the monthly reset. Here you can see the September total repeated in October. The main screen is correct.
  2. Main Screen and Rain Totals by Month/Year after the month reset that occurs at 9AM on the last day of the month. This is the only time when everything is correct.
  3. Main Screen and Rain Totals by Month/Year after the daily reset at 9AM on the 1st of the month (by date). This is when the error appears again.

The 5th and 6th images from after the daily 9AM reset on the 1st of the new month where the Rain Totals by Month/Year go wrong again with the October total repeated in November and the Yearly total is way out as a result. Fortunately the main screen figures remain correct.
Several users have reported this issue over a long period so it would be good to know if it is on the list to be fixed.

I am having similar problems with Detailed Rain Chart, which was raised on 6 April 2020 under Rainfall Anomally.

I am using 9am Australian rainfall reset.
After 23 days of no rain, rain fell on 1 November starting at 0600. This rainfall was visible on main screen at 0859, but not in Detailed Rain Chart under month or total for month at 0859 hours. At 0900 (1 November) Detailed Rain Chart showed no rain for that day but appeared in Totals For Month but not in Rain Days.

Attached are screen shots showing the issue.

I have updated my laptop to Windows 10.

WD V10.37S build 120
Windows 10
Davis Vantage Pro 2

I have similar but not the same…see screen grabs.
Last 7 days says rain this month is 7.1 (correct) but then says 0 rain days for the month.
Detailed rain has 7.1 for November total but dots for the 1/11 even though Last 7 days shows 7.1 for 1/11. Also time of last rain is blank.
My theory is that a mixture of 9AM reset and midnight reset is happening which messes things up.

I actually looked for your previous report bluewater but could not find it…maybe a link would be good.

I also am in Australia using 9AM reset but note that hcorrin reported a similar issue earlier in this thread and he is in the UK. So it seems not just Australians with issues here.

Detailed Rain chart is again living up to it’s name as being a bug in the system…
Start of November NO information when viewed on 1st … should have displayed 20.2 mm
When viewed on second, ONLY rain for 2nd of 12.0 mm displayed. When “updated” … NO Change …
see attachments …

This mornings Detailed Rain Chart was chaotic.

I use the 9am Australian rainfall change.

The screen shots explain it but, I’ll put in a time frame what appeared on the Detailed Rain Chart:

  • 0605, 2 Nov — — The dashes are for Nov and Dec.
  • 0803, 2 Nov 00.0 —
  • 0859, 2 Nov 00.0 —
  • 0900, 2 Nov 00.0 —
  • 0901, 2 Nov — —
  • 0902, 2 Nov 7.8 — Rainfall that fell on 1 Nov does not appear only —.

Also note the changes to the rain Totals, Rain Days, Wettest Day at the bottom of screen shots. They change every minute too.

After 0902 hours nothing has changed in Detailed Rain Chart. The 6.0mm rain that fell on Monday does not appear.

I also have had rainfall issues on certain days previously noted in my previous post headed Rainfall Anomally 29 July 2020.