Error 53 from WXSimlite

This morning I found this error from WXSimlite and it was trying to open my CMX log file for September, it is calling it Sept.23log.txt but the file is actually Sept23log.txt. Now for the life of me I cannot see anywhere to set these file names and I have gone into setup and checked the paths etc and they are correct.

Anyone any ideas?


Just realised my log file real name does not have a ‘t’ in it it is Sep23log.txt. Since this is the 1st September I wonder if anyone else has seen this, could it be an anomaly in WXSimlite? Mine is running using wine in Linux.


I have talked to Tom about this. He suspects he may have an answer and it ‘could’ be a bug in the code when using CumulusMX log file. It only affects WXSimLite not WXSimate. I’ve tested one fix which did not solve it.

As soon as I have an answer I’ll post it here.


Still waiting on Tom to investigate but it seems like WXSim is expecting the September log file to be Sept23log.txt but CumulusMX creates it as Sep23log.txt (note no ‘t’). This only affects anyone using WXSim with CumulusMX as WD uses digits in log file names for date.