Erice Support

Has anyone recently submitted a ticket to erice and got a response?

Ive been trying to contact them since last November and there not replying.

yes I submitted one about 2 weeks ago and got a reply about 4 days later

maybe your email provider is blocked
or the replies are blocked

That could be, and thats what the email is about… lol

Peoples emails are getting bounced back to them… that could make sense… I’ll post another email in my ticket and see if they respond to that.

You could try their support forum if the email is not working. I have always gotten quick responses.

I’ll try that. Thanks

This is getting frustrating… Still no response from the ticket or the forum.

I updated a couple things in my profile on the erice forum and now I cant log back in till it gets approved.

You get what you pay for.
For a $10/year account you should not expect any support at all, thats less than $1/month.
How many working minutes do you get for that? And in that <$1/month includes also the costs for the server.

I should have allready moved to a new host at that point if several days without response.

There are a lot of us on e-rice. No problems at all. I was on 1and1 but they caused me nothing but problems.


Did you get the sender to test again?

Still waiting for a reply back from the tv station.

But no responses back from erice at all since November on this issue.

A direct email address to Allen would be nice…lol

I got a response in 2 days.

I also have an ongoing issue with E-Rice and haven’t received any communications back on the open ticket in weeks. All in all, I’ve had few issues with E-Rice, although, if you claim to give support, then you should, regardless of what the monthly price is.

I have successfully communicated recently via a ticket although it took a couple days. If you haven’t already, you can add to your open ticket and that might help.

I’m sure this isn’t Alan’s day job, but usually he’s fairly prompt. Maybe something is going on with the ticket system.

  • Jim

You now have a response from Alan on the forum: “I’m looking into this for you now”

Thanks Niko, since I cant even log in there now…lol

To the forum or your account?

I can log in there now. I made some changes to my profile and it needed to get approved before i could log back in.

Everything has been taken care of.