End of Month stuff

Just went into View and found September month having 30 days (obviously from August month), but I;'m wondering why not the 31 days? Is this because it is only Sept. 1 and the first day of the month hasn’t finished and WD is getting fooled up?

It’s now Sept. 2 and the View-Aver./Extremes seems wonky. September is listed as showing, but it starts with 02 (not sure what month) and goes up until 30 and then an 01, which I assume was yesterday? So, would 01-30 be August with the 31st missing? It can’t be September since we haven’t had all those days yet. If I select a day in August, I get the data fine, but it’s the main window I’m concerned about. I figured it would clear up once the 2nd of September came. I’m running the newest vrsion of WD- 10.35X.

Okay. It looks like this whole thing is being discussed in the bugs section. I’ll just get my info there.