End of month/end of year change, was OK for me

Hi all
just done a quick look at the my reports generated
and looks good to me (10.37h build 07)

only thing I see wrong is the rain chart, for each month (view, rain chart), for the web page
because it is a new year, the totals are all zero
but for the first day of the new year I should have it where it still shows last years totals for each month

Does that mean that build 08 will be the same ?

That is the currently down loadable version.

build 08 did not have any fixes or changes for end of month or end of year over build 07
so that is why I mentioned build 07, so that people did not think they needed to have build 08

I only asked because I just upgraded to 08 this morning before your note.

I still have a 31st November in the last 31 days but no 30th and a 29th. Also I have a false November 2006?? with the 30th Nov only day in that lot… and check the drop down menu at bottom. I had used B03 last month. Currently B07 from a few days ago. I note the days only go to the 28th of Dec though.

Rain graph looks ok though :slight_smile:


Is this because there is some corruption in the log file? I will go and check.


the only thing i found not right was the month to date sunshine hours did not reset at midnight the year and day did reset ok

Happy new Year


you will find that the sunshine hours for the month will reset after midnight
mine has reset auto


My end of month/year went okay too - but the daily graph (20071231.gif) was not created. Instead 20071201.gif was created.

Im running latest .zip (build 08)

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See attached graph file - the date is showing 1. december 2008

Beautiful sunny morning here, but it says that we have had 28,6 mm of rain this month! :frowning:

For info, our rain year starts 1 October, so the year-to-date of 60.6 mm is OK, but the month did not reset.

Also, the downloading of the data from switch-off yesterday to switch-on today did not work (yes, console and computer times match!)

Happy New Year

Same here,
running version 10.37h b o7 sunshine hours for month and year are not the same
today on 01-01-2008 see picture below.

        Cheers, Rolf.

OK here. As usual, have to be patient for 24 hours for a couple of readings.

Happy New Year
Almost okay here. miss since December 29 the NOAA and report data of day December 19-28.
I can find the data in the logfiles, but not in the reports, maybe tomorrow?
Wd 10.37 build o7 now build 08

I too do not have the 20071231.gif but do have the 20071201.gif instead, this was created at 0:08 this morning :frowning:

When i recreated the av/extremes it created it fine up untill the point of the 31, it then created the 30th
again after the 31st and there is no 31 for the sunshine hours and all the graph gif’s are for the 1/1/2008
so i wont be uploading that lol

December2007.zip (5.12 KB)

10.37h Build 04 Looks Good!
Thanks Windy for the support throughout the year and thanks also to the Forum Members for providing the information for the majority of problem fixes.

Brian can you confirm when the sunshine reset happens as mine was still not reset at 00:30 last night, but checking the logs before it would appear that my solar normally resets at midnight.

Also the year in my custom log file did not reset until about 00:09, from 00:01 to 00:08 it was showing 2007 01 01 as the date. This uses the custom tag %date-year%.

I use 10.37h build 3.


I agree this has happened to me also (B07) and also the last 24hr graph is labelled 1 December when it too is the 31st December judging by the graph and temps etc and cf the 48hr graph. Creation date was 1st Jan just after 9am (9am day rotation). Although the last 48hr graph seems correct… :smiley: Can check on my site using the listings or directly.


If I go to View…Average/Extremes/NOAA Style Reports and click update whole month now on the Detailed Climate Report tab I get 12/2008 with no numbers in the graph and the conditions (COLD/SNOW, etc.) for 12/2007.

Temp/max/min strip chart has a full month of data in it for 1/2008 in it also.

No 12312007.gif either. Otherwise everything looks ok.


Also a little thing in climatedataout.htm, it shows 12/2008, hope it will correct by itsself after next midnight. climatedataout122007.htm was created ok. you find them here. otherwise thingss seems to be ok…

The new rainchart seems to be ok, at least after first recorded tip, I don’t controlled it before that, but now there is averages and rain for first day ok :slight_smile:



The climatedataout always shows just the Month/Year the first day of each new month showing the total data from the previous month as there is no data for the new month as of yet, tomorrows should have 1/1/2008 in place of Month/Year.



Thanks for your reply. That was what i thinked too, the only what confused a little bit was the 12/2008 what should be 12/2007…

Happy New Year to everyone!