Emergency program request

:? Help, i have less then 3 hrs, to get my weather site back online before i leave for vacation, the 9.81b has errors i cant fix, i need someone, anyone that has 9.81a please if you could assist me send to server at [email protected]

Thanks in advance.


i made a boobo I didnt realise, then went off to a parents of school children to learn a new maths structure course,back home now, and found, fixed , tested and uploading verison 9.81c
i know, i am a pain in the backside,.,
but i have streamlined things a bit, it a better way now in the end…

Not sure what errors TMAX was having,but my FTP is hanging again during dialup.Getting the “open port” messages again until I control,alt.del.
I didn’t have this with 9.81,just when I installed 9.81b


Not sure whats up there exactly, as I did not change the ftp program
but i do recommend the ftp program for dial up modems, version…see the download page…l
its good…but does not support some of the new things…i deleted that stable verison…drat!

What happened to that FTP for dialups that you asked for beta testers a couple weeks back? I’m still running it on Coniferwx.com and have had no problems. Actually it’s working so well, I’m afraid to upgrade and loose it.

what is the vers number?

Not sure, Brian. I’m at southpark for a couple days and have good ol’ trusty 6.42 running here. Could it be 6.62, maybe?

BTW, my ftp upload problem was the host company and they fixed it. It was clipping all the files except .wml