Emails to Tom

Good afternoon,
A few days ago I sent Tom two messages to his email, and I have not received a response. Years ago, I remember that when you wrote to him, you received a response in a maximum of a few hours, but not now.
Do you know if Tom is still with WxSim support?

Ferran Deriu

PS: I am a Wxsim customer for many years, and now I need your help again. Can you send him this notice?


I communicated with Tom several times via email this past weekend. He’s been very busy, but weekends seem to be the best time to catch him.


Thanks for the info, I’ll wait for a response from you.
I don’t know if my messages have reached you or have been filtered as spam. This is my concern.
Ferran Deriu

Tom is definitely around. He replied to one of my messages last night. He’s busier during the week (he’s a schoolteacher) so you might find it’s a weekend before you get a reply.

I wrote to him last Saturday, and repeated on Sunday, so far no response. Ok, we’ll wait a few days to see if he answers me. Is there any other channel of communication with Tom, apart from email? Thanks.

Only emails or posting here as far as I know.

Hi Ferran,

I just found your emails in my SPAM folder, but did get the latest one, which you sent from a different email account, and I’ve replied to that.



okay Tom! He imagined that the spam filter could be responsible. I have already answered you by email. Thanks!

I want to push this thread. I wrote Tom last week, and on Thursday again. Though no response yet. I hope he is okay. Does anyone has some more information?

Tom is still around and still supporting WxSim. He’s a teacher and term times tend to be busy so responses can be slower than during holidays.

Thx for the information. I guess I have to wait at this point.


I’m sorry to have to bring up this topic again. Unfortunately, I still haven’t managed to get in touch with Tom. My mails (5x) seem to go nowhere and also a PN here which I sent to him has not been answered yet. I have been a WXSIM user for almost 8 years, but this has never happened to me before. It’s just about re-licensing autolearn, which is no longer licensed after a hard drive failure. I have seen that Tom has replied to another topic in the last few days, so I assume that he is also reading here.

Desperate greetings

Tom is a teacher so during term times he can be very busy so may not read every WxSim message on the forum. He usually replies to emails though, so perhaps yours aren’t getting through to him for some reason. My emails get through to him so I’ll let him know you’re trying to contact him.

Hi Marco,

I’m sorry you’re having a hard time getting in touch! I just searched my emails, and can’t find anything from a marco or tornadochaser in the last few months, at least, not even in SPAM. Did you send them to [email protected]? I have been quite distracted with wrapping up the school year, and have checked the forum only about once a week. Chris McMahon kindly informed me of your message. Anyway, yes, it will be easy (and free!) to update your autolearn license. And are you Marco Weiss? I have a few Marco customers but that seems the most likely match.

Maybe try sending me an email again, and I’ll be sure to check and look again in SPAM. And via this message (and an email backup), just tell me the code that appears in autolearn’s registration form in the top box, and I’ll send you the one to enter in the bottom box.

Thanks, and hopefully this gets us in touch!


Hi Tom, thanks for getting back to me. And also thanks to Chris for bringing this to your attention. I had sent you the emails from [email protected] to [email protected]. I received a transmission report each time, but no read receipt. In any case, it’s a bit odd that you don’t seem to have a single one of my mails in your inbox. Yes, I am Marco Weiss. Here is the code I get displayed: ACFD05C3

I also sent it to you again from another sender address.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I sent an email to Tom on Tuesday 20th June and haven’t had a reply. Been using WXSIM for about 10 years and now getting a bit desperate as I had to transfer WXSIM to a new computer on that day due to a hard disk failure and it seems the registration codes didn’t transfer so I’m only on the trial version and that will stop working in a few days. Chris, maybe you have a better way of contacting Tom - would really appreciate any help.

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I’ve just sent him a message but when I last heard from him a couple of days ago he was expecting to be very busy for a few days so I don’t know how quickly you’ll get a reply. Having said that doesn’t WxSim run for 30 days as a trial? If so, I’m pretty sure he’ll be back online in plenty of time to sort your codes out.

Chris - many thanks for that very speedy reply. I must admit I was judging the trial period by the note on the Autolearn program that you have to register within ten days. It won’t be a problem if the other WXSIM programs have a 30 days period - I didn’t check and assumed they were all 10 days. Thanks again!

I’m pretty sure that Tom will be in contact within 10 days.

You should have an email from Tom.