Email will not work [RESOLVED -> with cronemail]


I am trying to set up Wdisplay to email the noaa reports and warnings but I am unable to get it to work. I have double checked all settings more than once. I can not see anywhere in WD or Console logs where WD has attempted to send an email, even when using the test buttons. I have set up the Internet/FTP settings and Warnings settings the same, no luck with either of them. Could there be something else I need to check. I am using build 33. Thanks,


I’ll try a test here…

email activity should show in the FTP log (I’m assuming the mac version has one).

it works OK for me, both noaa and normal weather reports, have been using that for a while
make sure you have the cronemail program

does not work with email that needs auth

If mail server requires a username and password? I’m not clear on what auth means exactly…every email account I use requires a username & password combo…

I am meaning SSL auth email (for sending) (i.e encrypted)

Hi Niko,

I do not see any activity in the FTP log relating to email. No indication that an attempt was made by WD to send an email.

My email does not require SSL and is set to work with 3 different ports. I have tried all three with no luck

make sure you have the cronemail program

Windy, I have this cron, cronformatedemail , is this the one you are referring to?

Got it working here…

******WEATHER WARNING TEST !****** ******THIS IS A TEST !****** ******THIS IS A TEST !****** -----------------------------

58mph average windspeed was exceeded !

Time of event was : 11:33:14
Date of event was : 12/13/09
Current conditions :
Windspeed 0.0 mph
Direction E 090 o
Temperature 51.3 F
Humidity 97 %
Barometer 29.973 in.
Maximum windspeed 8.0 mph ESE at time: 05:07
Maximum speed last hr 5.8 mph ESE at time: 10:43
Rain today 0.12 in.
Monthly today 0.85 in.
Maximum temperature 51.3 F at time: 11:26
Minimum temperature 48.6 F at time: 07:57
Rain Rate/min 0.000 in./min (0.000 in./hr)
Rain last hr 0.00 in.
Please note: This test is in english by defualt. The auto generated report will be in the language you have selected

Windy, I have this cron, cronformatedemail , is this the one you are referring to?
no you need also cronemail

which is included in the full install

That may be the problem then. I downloaded the full install, build 32 the other day, then downloaded the build 33 .zip file. I do not have the cronemail following those downloads.


Screen shot 2009-12-13 at 3.56.19 PM.png

do you have that program Dan, and if so, where/how?

Nope, don’t see it.

I tried 3 different things to get the email…the warning email test, weather report email, and the manual email warning. One of those 3 options sent me the email I quoted earlier…

it should have been with the latest full install that Jmar packaged up
here it is anyway

Add the cron file and it’s working. However, with no names in the list, and selecting to use test mode to send only to myself, then hitting the test button, I am getting an error saying “No valid recipients”. If I add my email address to list of people to send to it does work. I don’t think the test mode button actually does anything.


To confirm Paul’s post I am having the same issue.

There was no cronemail in the package I made up. There has never been a cronemail in any of the packages I made up. My email was working perfectly until I updated to build 32 on Dec 3. I do have a cronformatedemail in the wdisplay folder which was included in the package, but no cronemail.

My email works under build 29 and fails under build 32 and I have never had a cronemail in my folder. I authorize on my server. Will download the zip and see if that fixes things. Why would my email work with one build and not the other given the above?

All for now,

Edit: below is an email I sent with test after just reverting to build 29 for testing. I there is no cronemail in the wdisplay folder. I cannot make this happen with build 32. Will try to get an error message or a pic for you after I download the new cronemail above.

i changed to using an external cron program to send email instead of doing it internally in WD
as there was a conflict with the separate cronformatedemail, which is now fixed
I did post about that at the time, and I did include the cronemail in a .zip file and it should be been included in the files I got you to update too jmar

ahhh. I never got the files… did you email them or send me a link to them? Looking at the date it seems a little odd. The cronemail is dated 11/11 and my last package is dated 11/03 so it must have come out after the last package. I was waiting to do the new package up, but your emails might have been bounced due to size? (My isp limits 10MB, but my on server you are umlimited, so try there… or just link me to the files, either way. All I need is a complete zip of your Mac>Applications>Wdisplay folder so I know all the latest goodies are in it. Last package build I made was 29. Should be about 32 files (including the 2 climatedata templates)

Just tested on build 32 with both formattedemail and cronemail in the wdisplay folder and both reports are working well again.

I can turn it around tonight or early am for you and the good folks here.


Hi guys,

Just got caught up with everyone, downloaded the cronemail zip file and the email works now.


Windy, I still haven’t received any files or links or emails from you regarding making an installer package re my post above. I see that another executable has been posted on the downloads page (b34) dated the day of my post (NZ time) for users to open the application’s bundle and place the executable into the MacOs folder . The last package made up for the Mac is dated Nov 4. Are you still interested in distributing the program for the Mac in an installer package?

your patience is appreciated

there are still some more things I want to do yet before making a new package up

I was away this last couple of days, with the wife :slight_smile:

most mac users are able to upgrade easily with the .zip updates are they not?