Email Issues ("Message contains bare CR")

WD emails have started bouncing back after working since 2009.

I have other automated emails from other software and they are still working fine. I guess it’s something to do with WD coding?

These emails relate to weather warnings, daily reports etc.

The error:

Error Type: SMTP Remote server (IP ADDRESS REMOVED) issued an error. hMailServer sent: . Remote server replied: 552 5.2.0 Message contains bare CR and is violating 822.bis section 2.3

I am in the UK and Virgin Media is my ISP. Anyone else getting similar errors?

From another forum (if it helps):

Your recipient’s email provider rejected those emails as part of their anti spam measure - but not because the contents of the email itself look suspicious.

It’s a problem with the email headers of your message. These headers are created by either the outgoing server or the email app or client (such as Outlook, Gmail or Apple Mail for example) that you are using to send your email message.

“CR” stands for Carriage Return. A “bare” carriage return is where a ‘CR’ (carriage return) character appears without an accompanying ‘LF’ (linefeed) and that breaks the generally accepted rules,

A bare CR in the header of an email message are often seen in the badly formed email headers of spam emails and that is why the receiving email server is rejecting your email.

If you are using the Virgin Media webmail service or an email app or client, such as Outlook, Gmail or Apple Mail for example, then the contents of the email header are completely out of your control.

To identify where this problem is being created could you clarify how you are sending these emails? So whether you are using VM webmail on the VM website or if not, then which email app/client you are using?

Also, it might be useful to know whether the emails that are generating that error message are ones that you have received and then forwarded on (so your forwarded email is being rejected) or whether they are emails that you have composed and sent as brand new emails.

What build of WD are you using

It is 10.37S build 149.

I’ve updated to 10.37S build 150. Same issue.

I think you’ll need to email this problem to Brian by email to see if he can fix it.

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Thanks. Will do at some stage today.

I had this problem a while ago as lots of ISP have changed the way third party access email servers to send this type of emails.
I had to contact my ISP in the end, and they had to change a setting in my account. WD now works fine, but my CCTV cameras wont send emails any more, so i had to sign up for a free account with

All sorted thanks to an update Brian has pushed out.

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