ELV WS500: still problems with data/graphs when restarting WD

Hello again!
There are still problems when I have to restart WD. I have learned to do correction of the graphs but not all graphs will be corrected on the main display/image [http://familjenhakansson.se/html/vadergrafer.html].
I have tried to check if there is some pattern in the trouble and I have found:

  1. When restarting WD, WD read out old (historic) data, stored in WS500. This even if the data was correct before. I think WD overwrites the already stored data in the log files! Why don’t let WD first check if there is an already stored data in the file based on the time stamp, and if so, keep the old value and go to next line and do the same check…
    Maybe you can ad a control that the user can force WD to don

“12th Dec 10.36x build 10 Fixes metar icon (in the metar window) not updating (after some changes I had made)
11th Dec 10.36x build 09 Fixes introduced problems with the graph history. Cm snow input from input daily weather on the main screen rain area fixed.”

I thought some of the problems was fixed, but not. I have to correct the rain amount again. 8 mm (from yesterdays rain) was added for today… And now I have a new record of sunshine hours (see attached image). In witch logfile should I do corrections to correct “Sunshine hours”??

Still I have to do a “set up station” and disconnect the USB to connect the WS500 after rebooting my computer so the fix from 7th of Nov. was not useful for WS500.
(7th Nov 10.36t update: fixes wind energry not updating for some weather station types. Added LED’s for file upload switches in the customise internet and file creation setup.WMr100/Irox USB should get connected better now at start up.)