Ecowitt Wireless PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor WH-41


About Ecowitt Wireless PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor WH-41 can it be installed outside in the rain?


The WH-41 is described as an indoor or outdoor unit so it should be OK. The diagram of the case seems to show seals that protect the electronics from the environment.

Ok, merci pour cette information.

Got one on my deck - its a bit sheltered but is designed to be used outside and seems to work well there. It is very sensitive to humidity/mist - seems to see water droplets quite easily.


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About capturing water droplets or mist, is this sensor designed for that? I must admit that I looked for a very complete explanatory note and I found only a succinct one.
Still concerning this sensor, can you give me all the possibilities of detection.
Thank you.

Au sujet de capter les gouttelettes d’eau ou brouillard, ce capteur est-il prévu pour ça ? Je dois avouer que j’ai cherché une notice explicative très complète et je n’ai trouvé qu’une succincte.
Toujours concernant ce capteur, pouvez-vous me donner toutes les possibilités de détection.

Mine works quite well. It is in a slightly sheltered location under a deck. Good air circulation around it but out of the direct rain. It also gets good sunshine and the solar panel makes a charge last over a month. I have a spare set of rechargable batteries and swap and recharge in the house rather than bring the unit in for recharging.



Merci pour ces compléments d’informations.