Ecowitt WD rain issue part 2

Here’s another issue pertaining to my first post. I thought I would open it as a different issue. installed an Ecowitt HP2560 , WS90 WH57 and a GW1000. I’m running WIN10 WD ver 10,37s151, and the latest Ecowitt firmware. All is working well except now the rain isn’t being registered properly. Here is what’s happening now.
Finally rained again here and I still have a rain issue. What’s happening is I see rain on the Ecowitt display, but not on Weather Display. What I have to do is close WD and restart it. The rain then shows up but delayed till the time I restart WD. Last night it rained .15 inches around 2:10 AM. When I checked at 6AM the .15 was displayed on the Ecowitt display and zero daily rain displayed on WD. I closed WD restarted and the .15 shows up at 6 AM. Anyone have anything to try.

Thanks Jeff

website url would help 1st so we can look and perhaps see what is happening

The internet isn’t involved. I’m talking about what the Ecowitt display is showing and what is being displayed by WD. Their connected by wifi. and when I close the WD program and restart it the rain accumulated shows up. Next time I get some rain, I will shut down and restart the Ecowitt display and lets see if the same thing happens.

In WD / Control Panel / Station Type and Settings / Ecowitt , have you got 'Use Station Rain Total ’ ticked ? If not, its worth trying.

Yes, 'Use Station Rain Total ’ is checked. But thanks for the input.

Do you have the the ecowitt gateway ip address in the wd settings or are youbusing the ecowitt api??

I’m using the Ecowitt IP address. The rain gauge isn’t a separate device it is built in to the WS90. Wind speed, direction, temp, solar intensity, UV index, and humidity are all working, I’m having an issue with JUST the rain data not transferring to WD display unless I reboot WD.

Is the Cron program, which will also be restarted when you restart WS, working ok ? Does it show the relevant rain data ? It might be worth restarting the GW 1000 ( that fixed a recent issue for me ).

Cron appears to be running ok and showing rain data on the right side. I will give restarting the GW1000 a try when I’m experiencing some rain. Thanks…

Issue appears to be in the crongw1000 program ver 7.2. When there is some rain data the only way to register it in WD is to restart crongw1000. The rain data then shows up in WD time stamped at that time, not when it actually occurred. I don’t think it initially recognizes the Piezoelectric rain gauge rain data from the WS90. To prove that the rain data coming from the WS90 is correct I installed a different weather program and the rain data is collecting fine with that software.