Ecowitt Air Quality Sensor

Hi all we use a Ecowitt Air Quality Sensor this has been working fine
But over the last week PWS has been telling me its of line all the time
The sensor is working on PWS and the Ecowitt site,any ides

Very strange. . . as you say, it certainly seems to be working on pws_dashboard, popup shows most recent data capture time.

Wonder if it has anything to do with the mixture of 12- and 24-hour times shown on your website?

And, to change the subject, are those spider webs across your webcam :wink:

Yes cobwebs over the webcam have to clear them of most days lol

Very strange, the live_data scripts finds a very old time for the ecowitt file.
Check the debug dashboard right button, bottom row.
Or the direct link . . .

    [AQ_time] => 1699287962
    [datetime] => 1700339350

Please run easyweather setup, do not change anything, only press the green SAVE button.

That will reset the file locations, if there has been a change.

If that not helps, I will have to dig deeper.


Checking your live-data file

    [loaded] => ecoLcl
    [loaded_from] => /home/faversha/public_html/pwsWD/ecowitt/ecco_lcl.arr
    [lux] => 0

You have set both ecowitt for you main data file
=> easyweather tab Data

and ecowitt extra file
=> easyweather tab Devices

That Extra Devices settings should be switched off as your sensor data is already in the main upload.

Also, the extra file ./ecowitt/ecco_test.arr is old
Filetime: 2023-11-06 16:26:02 UTC => Age 12 days 4 hours 20 minutes 46 seconds
When using this setting the filetime of the extra-file overrides the normal upload-file filetime for the AQ-sensor and the lightning-sensor.
That is why the off-line message is shown for the station AQ sensor.

Your easyweather Ecowitt extra sensors should look like this:


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Thank you sorted was Custom upload

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