ec-forecast.php V4.00 available for EC website changes

I’ve done a major rewrite of ec-forecast.php due to the massive changes in the EC forecast website.
There are now two rows of icons as the EC now reports for 12hr periods.

Standalone users: download from the script page

Saratoga template users: use the update tool with a query for Base-Canada, Plugin-*, 22-Oct-2016

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Thanks for your work on this, Ken. Very much appreciated.

Were you able to pick up the “Normals” temperatures (max and min) from this page? I use these at the top of my webpage (about 4 lines down from the top) but right now they are blank.

Because of the changes EC made, I can now only show 3 days of forecast on a single line (instead of the previous 7 days). I don’t no why they made this change.

In the scheme of things, they no longer offered a separate min and max under normals, so use $conditions[‘maxmin’] to print the Normals string. The $conditions array now looks like

<!-- conditions
    [cityobserved] => Observed at: <strong>Vineland Station</strong>
    [obsdate] => Date: <strong>7:00 PM EDT Saturday 22 October 2016</strong>
    [citycondition] => <strong>Not observed</strong>
    [pressure] => Pressure: <strong>101.0 kPa</strong>
    [tendency] => Tendency: <strong>Rising</strong>
    [temperature] => Temperature: <strong>7.7&deg;C</strong>
    [dewpoint] => Dew point: <strong>-1.2&deg;C</strong>
    [humidity] => Humidity: <strong>53%</strong>
    [wind] => Wind: <strong>NW 34 gust 49 km/h</strong>
    [maxmin] => Normals: <strong>Max 13&deg;C. Min 4&deg;C.</strong>
    [sunrise] => Sunrise: <strong>7:40 EDT</strong>
    [sunset] => Sunset: <strong>18:24 EDT</strong>
    [icon] => 02.png

Many thanks, Ken.

A V4.01 - 27-Oct-2016 version is now available.

It fixes the condition icon issue, adds yesterday’s min/max/precip to the conditions area.
It also handles the ‘abnormal trend’ indicator if present in the forecast
The main fetch method has been changed from the old fconnect method to use curl to get the data (and still report stats).

Use the links in the first post to update (using 27-Oct-2016 for the query if needed)

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