EC-Forecast feature to add.

Here’s a small mod I did to the ec-forecast.php file to have the alert text show up in red when an alert was posted.

$textfcsthead = 'Current Forecast';
if ($Lang == 'fr') {$textfcsthead = 'Textes des pr

Nice idea, George, I just added your mod to my ec-forecast.php script, thanks :smiley:

Great idea, George … I’ll add it to the next release of ec-forecast.php


I have been trying to get the advisory box to change color according to what sort of alert is posted. I noticed that there is styles defined in the CSS file but just can’t seem to get the text in the box to change to the color I define in the ec-forecast script.

I was wondering if the parsing code could be modified to look at the text string and set the color of the alert box accordingly, red background for wargnings and yellow for watches and green for warning or watch ended??

I seem to recall people having colored buttons for alerts on their sites for their area and surrounding areas, just wondering if there might be a way of caching the forecast data for surrounding towns and having something similar work with the Canadian script.

I’m figuring out a caching script to grab the text warning pages, right now I use the WD web page search function to grab my local warning text for upload to the web site, but would like to see if I couldn’t use the same kind of routine that I’m using to grab the weather satellite pics, just cache the pages on the website rather than taxing my weather server with the task of doing the download, parse and then upload to the site to lower my bandwidth of my connection?