Easy one for you Brian

I notice that although the download upgrade version doesn’t always change, the date and time of the revised download has. I know if it was a revised version, the number and suffix letter will change and I understand that.

So my question is - although the version number remains the same, is it important to download the same version number although the date and time has become more recent?

If there was a bug or a problem that requires addressing, how would I know that this has been fixed on this present version, or is it best to wait until the revised version comes out, noted by the version number and suffix letter.

Sorry for this rambling post, but couldn’t get my head around to make this question clearer.

well, i have been making little changes, fixing small things, as people find them,which only affect a small number of people…
and i am trying to find time to finish off some long standign requests…and so i am trying to see if i can get the number of emails i get and forum postings to drop down so i can find time to do these things…
i.e i can only do so much in the spare time i have (i.e spare time away from farming/kids/wife, etc)
and it will be a good chance for people to catch up
yes, try a new 9.91d andy, i might have found something that affected your graphing…

OK will do and will let you know.