Easier way to correct rainfall errors?


First let me congratulate you on such a fine program. Second, let me ask/suggest if there is an easier way to correct each days/month/year total precipitation other than correcting the last line of each day (which didn’t seem to correct the NOAA report and monthly summary lists)? If not, can you think of a way such that you click on a day from a calendar and a table would allow you to change that days total rainfall and then when you submit it, it would automatically update the month and year totals? I have a problem whenever snow melts in my gauge and then when I finally get around to printing my monthly summary from the last month I find errors that need correcting. Thanks for listening.


there are few pleces to change it:
you can change it for the internal rain charts…using the month adjust option

for the noaa report and averages/extreme reports, then, yes, you need to alter the log file
BUT, i have recently changed it where WD looks for the highest daily rain value on or after day28 now…
this is becuase if you use a client, the daily rain amount comes from the server, and the clock time can be different,…in my case the server gains time, and so resets the daily rain total before the clients time to do so has occured
so, yes, i will add a feature to easily select a day in any month/year to correct the daily rain total////

i will have a look at this today :slight_smile:

i have not made it easy now to correct the rain for each day, and the final monthly total, in the logfile (current or older ones), via action, view and correct the log file, or view, averages/extreme, correct the data

vers 9.76b, uploading now

i cant seem to duplicated the bad stuff some people have been able to make happen yet…
but i will get wd to make a backup of the log file before saving the changes,…

ok, i can now duplicate

it happens with log file data form data extracted from a VP overnight, where the midnight reset of the minute/hour is not correct (i am working on that), and so wd does not know where to insert the new dialy rain total (which should be just before midnight)
i will fix that today