E-mail weather warning

WD keeps sending this e-mail out every hour. The temperature change is actually in the last 24 hours not the last hour. How do I get it to stop sending the warning. I only have the warning set to send if the temp. drop is graeter than 10 degrees in one hour?
******WEATHER WARNING ******

21.2temperature change in the last hour exceeded!
35.360temperature change in the last hour occurred!

Time of event was : 11:48:02 AM
Date of event was : 5/3/2003
Current conditions :
Windspeed 0.0 mph
Direction WNW 301

i have fixed the spacing needed there after the number (next vers)

note, the 10 is 19oC…i.e the 21oF

i have checked the code, and it should be working as planned
maybe increase the threshold more?
(its reporting a change of 35oF in the last hour)

or is this just a problem with the start of the month?

I don’t think it is a problem with the new month. We did have a temp change of 35 degrees but over the last 24 hours.