Dual temperature

Here’s an idea for a future improvement. Is it possible to have the temperature made visible in both celsius as well as fahrenheit ( on the main screen that is ) ? A bit like the option to include the beaufort-scale on the wind-scale which is pretty cool. Also I still have the same problems with the little rectangles in the sys-tray extras and the inability to set the data-boxes to the backgroundcolor ad keeping it that way. One more question : is it possible to run WD on 2 OS ( win 2000 and win 98 ) and sharing the logfiles-folder as to not have duplicate data or missing data.



in the latest vers, ready now, click on the temperature reading on the main screen, and it will then show the temperature in oC (until the next station update)

Very nice Brian,but would it be possible to let it work the other way around? I mean : " click to see F " ? . By the way : solved the set databoxes to background color problem by simply changing the colors all together and restarting the program. The carriage return-boxes are still showing in the systray though …:slight_smile:



i have done that now in the latest version :slight_smile:

all is well :slight_smile:



Got another challenge for you, Brian :wink:

In the same ilk as the dual temperature -feature , would it be technically possible to use multiple windspeed dials ( m/s km/hr , knts etc. ) ? I don’t know how it could be done though, because both mouswe-buttons already have a function when hovering the windspeed dial ( on the main screen that is , you could maybe implement it on the dials screen ? )

Anything to keep you busy :slight_smile:


Rik ( I can now tell you it’s 44,5 F over here !)