DS9097 comm port - anyone have problems?

I have had some problems running version 73d, but don’t know what is causing the problem as yet. I have applications locking up - including WD and HomeSeer, but others remain somewhat functional. The CPU is pegged at 100%.

I am running XP Pro and have had extremely good realiability until I updated a couple of things - one being moving to WD 73d.

One thing I am thinking is the port I have WD using through the DS9097. It is on a port higher than 4. Has anyone had problems with this?

what is reported in the dallas 1 wire setup (under view)
how are you getting these extra non standard port numbers?
USB or a PCI serial?

My system is 100 miles away and I won’t be able to check it out until tomorrow…but I have a LAVA PCI card that gives me 2 extra serial ports.

The system runs for a couple of days fine…but then is ‘not responding’.

I was running WD .73d and it was using about 47 meg memory. I have both Free Memory Daily and Minimize Daily checked. The Dallas setup still looked fine.

So, I have reverted back to the last version I had running stable (67e).

I don’t know what the problem is, nor have I even confirmed that it was WD causing the problem…but this will assist me in my determination.

maybe dont use the free memory daily…that can cause problems

Thanks Brian, should I continue to use the ‘minimize at 3 am’ to refresh memory?

yes,that one is harmless