Drop Down List Box - Where?


You made this improvement to WD

10th April 9.71 New drop down list box for links to past averages/extreme web pages. Much tidier :slight_smile:

Is this something I have to enable, if so where can the option setting be found?

If it is automatic, then it’s not working


I went back and dug out any past months that still worked and put them into the same folder that this months was in . upon the next upload the item appeared on the web page in the box that Brian built.

However, they didn’t transfer to the web site, so I did a manual upload of each html and they did fine. I am guessing that if the file is in the correct folder the program reads the name and and creates. Then the hyperlink it generates matches the file in the web / ISP folder.

At least that is how I got it to work.

it does work
but not if you have ticked let me manage the datahtm2.txt file, under the web files setup
untick that temporarily, and restat wd

Thanks Brian,

I do manage the datahtm.txt file and have now added separate code to do this manually. The code was provided in another thread by Kevin H. on this same subject.