Downloaded rain data

Today a real nasty storm came through and having lost equiptment before to lightning I shut the whole pc down. Be fore I did I received 0.03 inches of rain. After the storm I turned on the pc and WD downloaded the data while it was off. Strange thing though was that it did not update the rain total to what I received. It just started accumulating again from 0.03. If the software downloaded the data while the pc was idle why did it not have the total rain?

what weather station type again? (I forgot…please add to your profile)
note, wd does not seem to pick up the rain data that was recently after it stopped from a davis VP, but i am getting a vp to test/fix
however, make sure the time/date on the VP matches that on the PC

Using A Davis Weather Monitor II.

ok, make sure the time on the data logger is as close to the PC time as possible…check that …:slight_smile: