Download metar

Ciao Brian,
Why can’t download more than 50 metar?
Can’t you remove that limit?
Second question: is it possible to download the synop metars? The difference is that by synop you can get precipitation data too.
Thanks and ciao.

do you mean 50 for the custom tags?
i have now enabled where you can use one of these asos/synop metars to update wd;s data (under setup, US navy metar), and it will use the rain data (hourly P position), but i will add option to populate the gif image(s) and custom tag data with the data from one of these metars too

Yes Brian, i mean more than 50 for custom tags.

how many did you want?
is a lot of work for me, and it uses more memory (and wd is already memeory hungry :frowning:

Ok, let the tags 50 for now. In case of problems will mail you again.
Ciao, Tuono.

you could run a 2nd vers of wd in another directory with a 2wd.txt file to get 50 more that way

i will get wd to use a synop metar soon…

just working on accounts/book work at the moment :slight_smile:

Ok, ciao and thanks.