Download forecast no longer appearing on web page

Download forecast no longer appearing on web page after upgrading to WD ver. 9.52 The file is being updated and is present in the metar directory. The check to include the file is also checked on the FTP metar options page.

Can someone tell me if this still works on their machine. TIA

Mine is working despite all my other computer problems.

Did you go and check to see that the report is actually changed from noaa? Sometimes the forecasts and information doesn’t change. OR they change their zone numbers. Iowa has 99 counties and noaa lists 99 forecast areas. I’m in county 77 and for a long time I got reports but now the area was moved to 060.

I would go and check that.

Also, go through and see if all the “switches” and settings are as they should be. When I uploaded a version some of the defaults changed. Finally look at your web page source files to see that the url is accurate.

With all the strange things happening in the world, this sort of fits in.

I am curious as to what you find out. Never know it might happen to me.

Joe :expressionless:

Thanks for the reply. Weather Display is downloading the file as it should be and it has the correct date and times. Everything is in the correct place and as I said before I have the check mark checked to display in on the web page. I have no control over the HTML since this is WD generated. WD is simply not reading the check mark and including it in the web page.

I’m rolling back a few versions because along with this, the conditions are no longer updating from the metar.

The forecast file is downloading fine and is sitting in the metars directory. I have opened it up and it looks fine.

I’m having the same issues, forcasts are downloaded but not included in HTML. METAR image for downloads not updating automaticly, but does update if accessed via WD’s main screen.

Minor issues I’ve not bothered Brian with…


For some reason the recent versions of WD reset the download directory for METARs and forcasts to the higher level wdisplay directory. Just reset both the ftp directory and the metar directory back to the metar directory in the ftp/metar setup to fix it.

The files (forecast and METAR) are being loaded to the correct location as I have said before. They are being download correctly every 30 minutes, they simply no longer appear on the “default” web page. The metar data is being used correctly to update my current conditions so I know WD sees the file. Its not that big of a deal just providing feed back on the WD beta releases. By the way what was the last official WD version? :wink:

I remeber having to reset some of this a while back… guess I just missed a couple of 'em. Dug through the setup, found 'em, reset 'em, and now my downloaded forcasts are working again.

WD is such a great App, LOTS of options, easy to 8) overlook 8) that “one” spot…


I am using 9.52 & the text & metar are working OK
Check your settings carefully & if ok there may be an error in
your wdisplay.ini file. :?