Double Moondetail1


For some reason, my web page is now showing Moondetail1 twice. I looked at the HTML for it and it is only listed once.
Any suggestions?


Your HTML code shows it twice !!! 8O

i now have it being automaticly inserted…
do remove the extra one from either datahtm2.txt or datahtm3.txt
try that

OK… it is listed ONCE in my HTML. When I remove it, it is gone from the web page. When I reinsert it, it shows double again. Yes, it does show twice on the HTML from the web page, but I swear it’s only in once here on my DATA files.
So what else can I do… this is weird.


i just checked the code, and wd only puts it into datahtm2.txt (if you are not controlling that)
make sure you dont have it in your datahtm3.txt