Does the Vantage 2 console still log to WD even in retransmit mode?

Thanks in advance. I’m considering getting the new Weather Link Console from Vantage, but don’t want to loose the ability to continue to use my Vantage Pro logger to connect to WD. Any thoughts?

The new WeatherLink Console by Davis Instruments can not be attached to any weather-program as it has no local access.
One can read the data as uploaded by the console from the website but one has to have a paid-subscription for faster than 5 minute data.

Your current “old” console can remain connected to WD as both consoles receive the broadcasting from the sensors independently.

Thanks a bunch. Was trying to over complicate things by expecting to put the vantage pro 2 console in re-transmit mode to the new weatherlink console, but you are right if they both can still read the data from the same sensors at the same time. Thank you again.