Does anybody NOT run Weather Display continuously, ie with a datalogger?

It seems as though most users of WD run the software continuously, and upload the data to a web site at regular intervals.

I would like to cut down the running costs of leaving my PC on continuously and would be interested to know if anyone successfully uses WD intermittently with a datalogger to keep their web site updated less frequently.

Hello Mr Man.

Yes i use wd not continuously. I’ve got a vp2 with datalogger. Found out by experience that to get the best data preservation, i switch the pc off automatically at 0010 every night. The only drawback is the amount of time when you reboot in the morning for data extraction.


The other solution is to get a very low power PC, then you can have a continuously updated website for about the running cost of a nightlight.

As well as the Davis VP2 datalogging route, other people use the OS WMR200 (if you search the Forum you find a lot of threads with people reporting WMR200 datalogging problems, but that is almost invariable down to some initial misunderstanding about setup and usage), and other people use Meteohub (a software/hardware combination that connects to any of a range of weather stations, and can feed the data to WD). There are other loggers too…

I started using WD with daytime running plus night time logging with a WMR200, then moved to daytime running plus night time logging with Meteohub, and now run WD 24/7 on the sort of low energy (5W in my case) PC that niko mentioned, with the PC still fed via Meteohub for flexibility and so that there is logging if the PC is down for some reason.

As pricey mentioned, whatever data logger you use it’s usuall best if you let WD run to at least a little past midnight.

I didn’t change to the 24/7 because of any problem with daytime running plus night time logging. With my current arrangement I use less energy than before (the 5W PC running all day uses less energy than running the big PC longer than I need it for other things).

Horses for courses…

Thanks Steve,

Which datalogger do you use? I have never managed to get WD to download my Data-Pak data properly! And do you reboot and download the data in person every morning, or do you use automated software? I would find having to do that every morning a pain.

Regards, Simon

He has a Davis Vantage Pro2, it shows under his username.

Sorry, didn’t realise this was also a datalogger in itself.

Thanks for the info skyewright, will look into Meteohub.

The Davis PC interface also logs data, 42 hours at a 1 minute interval. That’s what I have, it works very well with WD but Davis is pricey outside of the US so it could take quite a few years to get any payback based on saving some of your power cost.

I only run WD about 8 hours a day. Every afternoon I boot my PC and WD extracts data from the WMR200.
There is a major problem though: duplicate data lines are rife in the log files, so at the month’s end I have far too many lines and my av/extr and graphs become faulty. Not sure if this is a WD or WMR200 issue, but it’s certainly a problem that would need to be overcome.

to save power, try replacing your light bulbs in the house with energy savers and or remove some from the sockets (if more than 1 in a room)…removing just one will be the same saving as trying to not run the pc overnight

so windy you have no problems leaving your PC on 24/7? I mean in terms of crashing, hard disk failures etc.

I don’t, my WD PC’s run months between reboots (power company permitting).

Nor do I. My Peet station doesn’t come with a data logger, but I’ve not found a need for one yet.

I have a WMRS200, I bought that as a datalogger actually as it is powered by the USB port and to have it to run with an solid state PC (about 10 W/h only, also I then can place my WMR200 where it’s esthetically pleasing so I don’t have to put a PC near it nor extra USB cable). It has an disadvantage as far as I can see, it does not log the indoor temperature nor air pressure as that is only in the WMR200. Also, I yet have to get this unit to work with WD, it does not seem to find the unit for some reason.

Already done all that, but gas & electricity here in the UK is amongst the most expensive in the world!

Tried to set up WD to download from my Data-Pak last night, and it downloads a few records then seems to hang. Do you think it could be the serial to USB adapter? I’ve read somewhere that some of them cause problems.