Do you know alternative ftp site to download metar for WD?


i’m new here !!!

I search another ftp site to download metar to use with Weather Display program.


Do you know?

Help me …



Hi Mario,

You may try this station LIRN.TXT
You may also like to look at the list at:

Good Luck

Tanks Capt

but how can i use this http url if Weather display used onli ftp to download metar?

Can you give me an image with WD setup?


From the WD Help page at, Getting Weather Reports and Metar Data

Click on “Setup” in the menu bar. Click on “Setup FTP / Internet / …”. Click on the “FTP/metar download”.

There are 3 sections to this setup page:

* Times to Download
* Weather Reports /Warnings
* Metar Downloads

Download times

These times apply to both a warning or forecast download and the Metar download. They all are provided by NOAA, based in the USA.


The Metar download is the easiest to setup. Just select a nearby airport/station nearest to you (LIRN.TXT) from the list, so that it is added to the list on the right hand side, or enter it into the space provided and click on the > button. Remember to include the .txt at the end of the 4 letter station ID code.

Then if you want to use one of these metars to update Wundeground, or to update your weather icon, or to appear as extra text on the summary image, then select that metar, so that it appears in the bottom edit box, and then tick to use this metar for local sky conditions (and wunderground).

Note: You don

Dear Capt,

i try to setting with this address but i’m not downloaded the metar

The ftp connection started but don’t received nothing


This is my setting

How do you connect to the internet?
Who is your ISP?
Go back and read my previous post.
Look at the WD Help page at, to set up your internet connections.

Help me, nobody has other address?



Try this.
The top one may be faster.
or for the coded METAR
You may also like to view this page
I hope this is what you are looking for. :slight_smile:

Dear Capt, tank you

but i have problem with LIRT metar because on NOAA site it update too later.

In the other web site that you give me the link, the metar LIRT is correclty update but the Weather Display do not create the tags convertion with this metar