Hi Brian,
Another problem,
I’ve been trying to get wdisplay to work at a second pc in my home,I’ve done all the searches and did everything to get it to work but it’s not.
I’m using the 233 numbers and all that, the server says ready to send and the client ready to recieve,the client data quality light is green but the data recieve red and no communication is happening.
I loaded the 9.85e and while installing,this is the second pc,i got a error msg. saying:
unable to reg. the DLL/OCX load library failed,code 1157
one of the library files needed to run this app. cannot be found.
The set up FTP page will not open.
Also relating to the other screen icon problem it does work on my second pc with refreshing but not on the server pc.
I know it’s a mouth full and i really hate bothering you at least
it’s not that often!
Keep Smiling!!!

Hi Emilio,
Do you have a web cam?

No i don’t have a web cam

strange about the registering of the active x component
try instead downloading and installing the win95/nt version as a test
but maybe there are some windows files/dlls missing in your win98 installation
re the ftp not opening:
try deleting the wdisplayftp.ini settings from the registry on that pc with regedit (use find, and also do a search again)

Thank You very much Brian!!!1
It was not wdisplay that was at fault it was win98,
tried the 95 ver. but didn’t work.
I reloaded win98 and the ocx problem is fixed.

sometimes we do really have to blame Mr Bill gates :slight_smile: