Display problems with 1-wire setup

I am using 1-wire for lightning detection with my Davis VP.
Some time after setup (it could be hours) the display will blank out
Humidity, Dew point , wind chill and THSW

On comm ports the only change I make there is I check the “I want to use 1-wire with my station” and set the comm port (4)
And set up only lightning in the 1-wire page

Am I setting it up wrong or is this a possible bug

System is

Davis VP with solar, UV and 3 soil sensors Data loger on comm 1
1-wire lightning on comm 4
computer is [email protected] with 4 gig ram and 2.1 terrabyte serial ATA drives

Any help would be great

In Com Port Setup under 1-wire, have you tried ticking my normal station has humidity, has indoor humidity/temperature, and I do not have a 1 wire temperature. see below. Hope it helps.


ComPort Setup.jpg


I hate it when I am that stupid.

Problem solved