Dismissing new topics

“Dismiss” doesn’t seem to work until the new topic has moved from the top of the list.

I dismissed the SQL topic this morning on the main page - with all 3 options ticked - and in the notifications that appear under my avatar top right, and I still got e-mails for every reply.

The topic is still shown as “new” when I visit, the “last visit” line is below the topic and replies still appear in the list under my avatar.

Dismiss just removes ‘new’ markers. It doesn’t say that you have no further interest in the topic. You’d have to unwatch it, or undo whatever you have set to get notifications/emails.

Also notifications and emails are separate things. You can configure them individually. If you want you can have one or the other or both. So dismissing notifications won’t affect emails.

OK. Must admit I usually only dismiss topics in categories that I don’t follow, and then it seems to work. This one was different!