different times for each e-mail

Hi Brian.

Another suggestion is that each e-mail had a different setup
first e-mail - first setup
second e-mail - second setup
3rd e-mail 3rd setup …
The reasson is that i need to send one e-mail from 10 am till 15pm and another from 9 am till 12 pm to a different e-mail adress and other email from 9 am till 15 pm and from 17 till 12pm to another e-mail adress

and otrher from 10 till 12 but only at week end…

Thank you

i will look into this when i have finished some other things…
this will take a bit of setting up///

ok Brian ,
thank you

doing this today, for vers 9.78a

cool, let me know how it works

vers 9.78a has this new feature, ready now
(click on the email to be enable to set the times to send to that email, and turn that switch ON)

oops, the switch is on by default

well, it works, but everyone in the list will get it at that time
fixing that now

this should be OK in a new 9.78a, ready now
it took a few hours to do…

i will test now

Hi Brian